Hi there, I’m Nicole! On my blog I post swatches of nail polish as well as nail art. I live a small town in Connecticut and live with my fiancé and furbabies. I have been obsessed with all things nails for around 4 years now. When I’m not doing my nails, or thinking about doing my nails, I enjoy reading, playing video games and baking.

I started my adventure in the world of sometime in the year 2016 when I decided to stop biting my nails. I quickly realized the more time I spent making my nails look pretty, the less I wanted to bite them. Once I started getting a bit more length, my love for nail art started. I discovered the world of indie nail polish in November of that year.

I currently own a little over 1000 bottles of nail polish. Remember when I said I was obsessed? In 2020, I decide to start dabbling with the world of nail enhancements. I am very much a novice when it comes to acrylic and hard gels but I am really enjoying furthering my nail know-how.

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