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Talk Indie To Me | February 2021

Hey everyone! I am super excited to share the newest Talk Indie To Me box with you all. This month the guest maker is a new to me brand called Peachtree Polish. The theme for February is Flowers. This box will go on sale, February 19th. As always, I will have links at the end of this post on where you can purchase this box. To see how these polishes look in natural light and moving around, check out my live swatch video on YouTube.

The Talk Indie To Me box is a monthly collaboration between Zombie Claw Polish and Sweet & Sour Lacquer! Each month features a third guest maker. Each month has a different theme with polishes exclusive to the box. Themes range from tv shows, movies and pop culture.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken indoors with daylight/LED bulbs. I used the KB Shimmer Clearly On Top glossy top coat, Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber (for glitter polishes) and the Glisten & Glow Matte top coat for my photos.

Peachtree Polish – Karma Yin Yang

Inspiration: a gorgeous red dahlia with white tips on each petal.
Description: A bright red jelly with white hex and iridescent micro glitters

Karma Yin Yang Has a great jelly formula. It applies really evenly and smoothly. The glitters spread out pretty well on their own without needing to do glitter placement. I did do some dabbing and to get the larger glitters in a few spots but that is just because I can be a little anal when it comes to glitter placement. The iridescent micro glitters looked holographic to me as they are very color shifty.

This is a sheer jelly so you will have some VNL (visible nail line) in 3 coats. For an opaque look, I think this over a red linear holographic or creme would be really nice. This dries down slightly textured so you will probably need to double up on top coat for a perfectly smooth finish. I used a glitter eating top coat before my glossy top coat. Removal will be tricky so I recommend soaking it off.

peachtree polish
5 free & cruelty free

Sweet & Sour Lacquer – Coral Sunrise

Inspiration: the Coral Lily
Description: a peachy/coral crelly base with iridescent flakies, blue/green metallic aurora flakies, and various aurora shimmers.

Coral Sunrise had a great formula. It wasn’t thick or thin and applied evenly. This is a very bright almost neon coral. On me, it’s leaning a little orangey but in the bottle, it’s more pink leaning. It dries down smooth but you will need top coat for a glossy finish.

It had really good coverage on the first coat and I think shorter nails would probably be good in 2 coats. I used 3 coats as I had some transparency on my enhancements. Nothing in here dries textured and removal wasn’t difficult.

Sweet & sour lacquer
15ml, 5 free & cruelty free

Zombie Claw Polish – I Love You A Lily

Description: a light gray base filled with red-gold-copper ucc flakies and blue-green-purple ucc flakes

I Love You A Lily had great formula. It didn’t feel thick or thin and application was a breeze. The base is a very cool toned pale grey that needs to be build up. It is sheer enough in 1 coat that this could be used as a topper but it might change the base color slightly.

This has a rainbow of flakies! They don’t dry down textured and 1 coat of top smooths it out completely. I wasn’t sure if this was going to build up completely but in 3 coats it was perfectly opaque. Nothing in here is textured and wasn’t too difficult to remove.

Note: Sorry my photos have a shadow over them. I didn’t realize my camera was at a different angle than normal until I went back to edit. I tried lightening the photos but it didn’t completely work. Be sure to see the live swatch to see this color more accurately.

Zombie Claw Polish
10 free, vegan & cruelty free
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

Sale Info

The Talk Indie To Me box will be available February 19-26 for $30 plus shipping as a pre-order on A direct link to the box is here. The polishes are all sold together as a set, so unlike other collabs I have swatched, you need to buy everything together.

talk indie to me

As a customer, I have always found this box in particular to be worth getting everything since $30 for 3 indies is a really good price point. If you are only interested in 1 or 2 of the polishes, the TITM Facebook group has a thread where people can split the box with members. Don’t forget to check out my live swatch video up on YouTube!

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