By Dani Vianna

Mental Health Awareness Box

Today’s blog post is for charity box hosted by Edna Gamez and Sabrina of Zombie Claw Polish. This box is dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health issues in particular how they affect first responders and veterans. The Mental Health Awareness box goes live this Friday, January 29th at 7PM Eastern time!

Between $2-5 from each polish and 15% from non-polish items will be donated to the Save A Warrior foundation. I will have links at the end of this post where you can purchase everything. Big thank you to Edna and Sabrina for letting me be the blogger for this box!

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken indoors with daylight/LED bulbs. I used the KB Shimmer Clearly On Top glossy top coat, Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber (for glitter polishes) and the Zombie Claw Polish Matte top coat (*gifted) for my photos.

By Dany Vianna – It’s OK Not To Be OK

Description: a sage green crelly base with copper aurora shimmer and copper iridescent flakes and white glitter
Price: $12.50 Cap: 35 bottles

It’s OK To Not Be OK Applies smoothly and is very opaque. The color to me, is more of a tan khaki with green undertones. It’s a really interesting color. I think this will hit the radar as a prugly polish. I don’t love the base color on it’s own but I love it paired with the flakies! The added components bring it to I used 2 coats for my photos.

Minimal texture from the flakies that smooth out with top coat. Removal is pretty easy.

by dany vianna

Color Spectrum Polish – You’re Not Alone

Description: A green to blue thermal with iridescent flakies that shift from orange to pink to gold to blue to green and a sprinkle of holo.
Price: $12.50 Cap: 50

You’re Not Alone Really great formula that was on the thinner side of normal but not watery. It applied really evenly. It is a sheer polish so you will have VNL with this one in both states. The flakies are really beautiful and some are small enough that gives this the appearance of having shimmer.

My hands were running pretty cold the day I swatched this so I had a hard time keeping it in the warm state. In the warm state this is a beautiful spring day sky blue. This polish makes me think ‘spring’. This has minimal texture that smooths out with top coat. Removal is pretty easy.

Color Spectrum Polish
7 free, vegan & cruelty free
Website | etsy | instagram | facebook | facebook group

GP Stamping Stamper & Scraper Set

Price: $11.50 Cap: 98

GP Stamping Stamper & Scraper Set This stamper set comes with a clear stamper head, a neon pink marshmallow stamper head, replacement cap and lens plus a credit card sized scraper. I have a demo using these in my YouTube video. Both heads worked really well without needing to do anything with them first.

GP Stamping

Indie Polish By Patty Lopes – Heartland

Description: Turqoise jelly base with crystal flakies and micro silver holo glitters
Price: $13 Cap: 35 bottles

Heartland had a great formula with applied really nice and evenly. This is a jelly so it is on the sheer side however the flakies and microglitters distract from the VNL. This shade of turquoise is really gorgeous!

Removal is easy.

Note: I had some spillage during shipping with this so my label got messed up when I was cleaning it off with acetone.

Indie Polish By Patty lopes

Jen & Berries – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Description: Pastel blue-green with subtle holographic shimmer (think luminosity, not crazy rainbows) with a splash of teal & fuschia microglitter, gunmetal and silver holographic microflakies.
Price: $11 Cap: 75

Don’t Believe Everything You Think is very opaque on the first coat. The formula is really great and spreads on the nail evenly. The holographic shimmer is very delicate that gives this a nice glow. I found that in most lighting, the holo looks silver with winks of holo here and there. I used 3 coats but I think natural nails and shorter nails would be good in 2 coats.

jen & berries
5 free, vegan & cruelty free

Just Duckie Designs – Flying High Necklace

Price: $20 Cap: 15

Just Duckie Designs is bring this really pretty glitter resin necklace to the box! At the time of posting, I don’t have the information on the materials this is made of. It should be in the listing for those of you who are interested. Unfortunately, my necklace broke while I was getting pictures, so I only have 1 photo of it actually on.

Just Duckie designs

Lacquer is in the Air – We Got Your Six

Description: muted green base with holo pigment and ucc flakies
Price: $12.50 Cap: None 

We Got Your Six has a nice jelly formula. It applies smoothly but is on the sheer side so you need to build it up. The flakies and holo are really gorgeous in this base! I don’t really love the base color but paired with the holo and flakies, it’s really pretty. The flakies shift to pink, orange, yellow and green.

I used 3 coats for my photos. No issues with removal or texture.

Note: This brand used to go by the name Static Lacquer

lacquer is in the air
10 free, cruelty free & vegan

Made with Sass – Awareness Earrings

Price: $7 Cap: 39 pairs

Awareness Earrings these earrings have a really flattering shape and also have a nice glittery sparkle finish. I’m not sure what the material is for these, but they’re pliable. I want to say they’re leather but they don’t smell like leather so I’m not 100% sure. They’re about 2 inches long. The text reads ‘suicide awareness’.

Made with sass

Sassy Sauce Polish – You Got This!

Description: A brown sugar shifty base that sparkles gold, green and red with similar shifting ghost and UCC flakies
Price: $12.50 Cap: 30 bottles

You Got This! had a great formula. My eye was seeing this more of a taupey grey base with a shimmer that gives it a brown-ish look. It applies evenly and easily. The flakies spread out great. The shifting shimmer is very strong and I was seeing all of the color shifts on the nail.

Minimal texture from the flakies smooth out with top coat.

Sassy Sauce Polish
5 free & cruelty free

Sweet & Sour Lacquer – Reach Out

Description: a purple/blue/teal multipchrome in a holographic base.
Price: $12.50 Cap: 75

Reach Out has smooth and even coverage. It is a little sheer on the first coat but it builds up really nicely. In the shimmer, I was seeing pink (magenta?), purple, blue and teal in person. The shimmer and the linear holographic were both very strong!

I had some VNL on the extension part of my nails that I don’t think will be an issue for natural nails. I used 3 coats for my photos. No issues on removal.

Sweet & Sour Lacquer

What Addiction – Courageous Journey

Description: a watermelon red base with a touch of holo sparkle and a variety of flakes
Price: $13 Cap: 35 bottles

Courageous Journey had a great formula. It wasn’t too thick or too thin. It applied really nicely. It is pretty sheer so on a whim, I decided to swatch this over a red on my ring finger. Silly me picked out a neon red (Orly’s Hot Pursuit) which in hindsight was a really bad color choice on my part since neons are so tricky to photograph. I used 3 thick coats for this plus 1 coat on my ring finger.

If you want to wear this as a topper, I think this would be good over quite a few base colors. It’s sheer enough in 1 coat that it shouldn’t change the base color too much. Removal was easy.

what addiction polish
5 free

Zombie Claw – Frayed Uniform

Description: a black to turquoise thermal loaded with an array of iridescent flakies
Price: $13 Cap: None

Frayed Uniform had great formula. It applies like a jelly so it is on the sheer side. The flakies spread out evenly and easily. My hands were running a little cold the day I swatched this but I found it started changing very quickly. The cold state is like dark grey-ish green leaning shade. The warm state is a beautiful turquoise. The flakies in this look absolutely amazing matte!

I used 3 coats, with a thicker 3rd coat for my photos. The flakies dry down smooth. No issues on removal.

Zombie Claw Polishle
10 free, vegan & cruelty free
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

Sale Info

The Mental Health Awareness box will be available from January 29 – February 1st on the Zombie Claw Polish website. Click here for a direct link to the box page. The box will open at 7PM Eastern time on the 29th. Each item will be available individually. There is a listing to purchase everything in the box here. There will also be a stamping plate and dog collar available to purchase. Pictures of those can be found on the Facebook page. Between $2-5 from each polish and 15% from non-polish items will be donated to the Save A Warrior foundation.

Mental Health Awareness Box
website | facebook page

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