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Happy holo days! Apologies this post didn’t come sooner! I thought I had the post scheduled to go up and I just noticed this morning that they didn’t go up yesterday. ANYWAY… Today I have 2 products to share from the brand Color Spectrum Polish that will be coming to the Holo Daze Le Petite Indies box! This box is available now on the Le Petite Indies website. As always, I will have shop links at the end of this post!

The Le Petite Indies is a holiday collaboration box amongst a few indie polish brands. Boxes usually come out during major holiday seasons. The last box was for Halloween (reviewed here).

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken indoors with daylight LED bulbs plus both matte and glossy top coats.

Color Spectrum Polish – Holo-day Magic

Inspiration: A gorgeous green and gold elegant Christmas tree
Description: A shimmering green jelly packed with green aurora, blue iridescent glitter, green to gold shifting hex glitters and rainbow chameleon flakies. Includes a small bag of gold snowflake glitters
Price: $12 for 13ml Cap: 50 bottles

Holo-day Magic is so beautiful in person! I was staring at this polish for longer than I feel comfortable admitting publicly. It’s just that beautiful! It has smooth and even coverage that glides onto the nail. I didn’t notice any texture from the components after top coating. This looks good in 2 coats but the third coat does deepen the color to what you see in the bottle. My photos show it in 3 coats. I do have some VNL with this polish. I think on natural nails it might be noticeable on some angles but the glitters will largely distract from it.

Note: I don’t have a matte photo for this polish as I didn’t want to potentially dull the holographic element before I could try applying the snowflake glitter!

Color Spectrum Polish
7 free, vegan & cruelty free
Website | etsy | instagram | facebook | facebook group

This polish will also come with a little baggy of holographic gold snowflakes to use for glitter placement. Can I just say that I LOVE it when brands do this? I think it might be one of my favorite things ever. These snowflakes, in particular, paired with the polish made me think of Christmas trees and/or gift wrap. Shiny = Christmas tress. Matte = gift wrap paper.

For this design, I used an orange wood stick to stick the snowflakes to my nails. To get them to stick, I just used a little dab of top coat on the nail. When I was finished, I used 1 coat of a glitter eating top coat (I like Glitter Grabber by Glisten & Glow) and then 1 coat of a quick dry top coat.

Note #2: If I were to do this design again, I think I would stick the glitter on the nail while the third coat of polish was still wet and then top coat like normal. I had a bit of texture that didn’t really smooth out 100% with the method I used. (Although I think another layer of top coat would have made it smoother.) Another option would be to layer the glitters between coats. I think that would look really cool. I wouldn’t recommend just shaking these into the bottle.

Color Spectrum Polish – Delicious Little Houses (Lip Balm)

Description: A freshly backed gingerbread with nutmeg, cinnamon, and freshly grated ginger topper with creamy vanilla icing and a sprinkle of red and green shimmers
Inspiration: Gingerbread Houses
Ingredients: Sunflower wax, castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, flavoring & mica/glitter
Price: $4.50 Cap: 30

On top of an amazing polish, Color Spectrum Polish will also have their fantastic lip balm available to purchase! I was first sent this lip balm (in a different scent) back in September when I first started swatching for this brand. I’ve kept a tube of it at my nail desk ever since! That says a lot as I am kind of picky when it comes to my beauty products.

It glides on really smoothly. I’ve noticed that if you do 1 quick pass of it on your lips, you’ll feel like you have some protection on your lips but you will have a not quite matte but close look. If you do a second pass (or a third if you’re like me and obsessively layer up before venturing outdoors), your lips will have a shine to them.

For this lip balm, the shimmers are subtle. You won’t have full on glitter mouth with it nor does it have any texture. I can see them when I apply this to the back of my hand but on my lips, I don’t see them. I’m not sure if that will be the case on other skin tones. The only other pair of lips in my house refuses to let me test it out on him. He did let me put it on his hand today and I found the shimmers were a bit more noticeable on his skin (he’s light to medium in skin color) than on me. I do want to note that when I initially photographed this lip balm, I didn’t see the shimmers but after I used it a few times I could see them in the actual lip balm.

The fragrance/flavor isn’t overpowering at all. I think I can smell it more than I can taste it? My nose is picking up the gingerbread and spices the most with a hint of creaminess. I don’t smell vanilla but I do smell a creamy smell. The scent does dissipate fairly quickly so I don’t find myself getting random whiffs of fragrance while I wear any of the Color Spectrum lip balms. TLDR: I really love this lip balm.

Color Spectrum Polish
7 free, vegan & cruelty free
Website | etsy | instagram | facebook | facebook group

Sale Info

The Holo Daze Le Petite Indies box is available now on the Sassy Cats Lacquer website. The box will close on November 22nd (not sure on the time, sorry!). This is a pre-order so box items aren’t expected to ship out right away. This month’s box will have 12 makers with 16 products available. With this collaboration, you can purchase everything in the box individually. I highly reccomend checking out the Le Petite Indies Facebook group for more swatches of the products that will be available!

Le Petite Indies
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook group

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