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Halloween Nail Art – Spooky Ghosts

I know I’m cutting it close with the posting of Halloween nail art but at least I got this up before the month was over! I placed huge order with Maniology earlier this month and everything I purchased was related to Halloween. I usually wait until November to buy Halloween stuff on sale but I had a 15% off coupon burning a hole in my (digital) wallet here we are. As always I will have a list at the end of this post with links products.

Disclaimer: I purchased all of the products in this post unless otherwise stated. My photos were taken indoors with daylight bulbs. Links/discount codes containing * are affiliate links/codes and I earn a percentage with products purchased using them.

For the base I used a polish that I got in PR from Twisting Nether Lacquer called The Best Of Both Worlds. This will be available during the November PPU (swatches and sale information here)! The stamping plate I used is Maniology M056. The design was a tad bit too short for my nails to I double stamped it to get it to cover the entire nail. To get the two toned design on my ring nail, I applied white stamping polish to the ghost and orange to the ‘Happy Halloween’ and scraped like normal.

I originally had a different design in mind for the ring nail but ended up removing it and replacing it with the ghost. I do like how it turned out in the end though!

Did Someone Say Sale?

Maniology currently has a Halloween sale going for 20% off their Halloween related items. To save 20% off, use code BOO20. The sale is over today (10/30) so hurry if you want save! I’m guessing this will be their last major sale until Black Friday. Once the sale is over, I’d really appreciate it you considered using my ambassador code NLN10. It is an affiliate code so with it, you save 10% full priced items and I get 10%.

Product List

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a very happy Halloween! We will be staying in (like usual). I plan on forcing my partner to watch horror movies he has 0 interest in (also like usual). Feel free to follow me over on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!

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