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Leesha’s Lacquer Dia de Los Muertos Quad | Swatch & Review

Today I have 2 collections to share, both by Leesha’s Lacquer! The is the first post, the second is a Halloween collection (post is here). This is a 4 piece collection inspired by the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos or Day of The Dead in English. Both will be available today at 6PM Central (7PM Eastern) on both the Leesha’s Lacquer website and Etsy page. With the exception of the thermals, these will be limited editions. As always, I’ll have links at the end of this post to where you can purchase these. Note: My photos show mini bottles!

If you haven’t heard of this brand before, Leesha’s Lacquer is a handmade indie polish brand based in the USA. Their polishes are 5 free, vegan and cruelty free. I am a full time swatcher for Leesha’s Lacquer so I have quite a few posts with their polishes on my blog. **I also have a discount code for their website which is NICOLELOVESNAILS25 to save 25% off your order! This isn’t an affiliate code so it’s just a code to save you some money!**

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken indoors with daylight bulbs, outdoors with natural light plus both matte and glossy top coats.

Calacas Guapas con Alpacas

Description: a purple to turquoise thermal with gold flakies and a touch of pink/blue shimmer

Calacas Guapas con Alpacas has an easy to use formula similar to a jelly. It has a ton of flakies and the shimmer adds a beautiful sparkle! The flakies look amazing mattified. I didn’t have any application issues. It is rather sheer so VNL will be obvious in the warm state but not as obvious in the cold. I used 3 coats for my photos. This will require some scrubbing to remove the flakies. Using the soak off method for removal is recommended.

Note #1: I almost thought this was a tri-thermal while I was swatching it because I swore I was seeing 2 different shades of purple in the transition state. I’m undecided on if what I was seeing was just the color difference between my acrylic and my natural nail or if there are 2 shades of purple. I don’t think it is since I was seeing the second shade of purple past where my natural nail ended. Due to having a hard time getting the warm state to appear (read below for the reason, it’s not due to the formula!!) I wasn’t able to test it out further.

Note #2: The day I swatched this, our thermostat was broken so it has been between 60-64 degrees in my house during the day. Which has makes swatching thermals (and getting out from under the covers!) a challenge. So I had a difficult time showing the transition state of this polish since my hands were like ice cubes.

Una Rosa para mi Esposa 

Description:  a red jelly multi chrome 

Una Rosa para mi Esposa is a beautiful red jelly with a strong shimmer. The description says it’s a multichrome but what I was seeing on the nail is a red jelly with iridescent flakies and a yellow to green shimmer. The base is sheer but that makes the flakies and shimmer really glow. I did have VNL with this one. I used 3 coats for my photos. This removes easily with acetone. Also I will note this was a little stinky. Not terrible but enough to be noticeable.

Flores de todos Colores

Description: a super silver holo with mini holo bar glitter and small rainbow glitters

Flores de todos Colores is a SUPER holo! It has a strong linear holographic base, and mini holographic bar glitters. The rainbow glitters aren’t holographic but they do add more color. I was geeking out when I swatched this because I had NO idea that mini bar glitters were a thing! In the bottle, I thought they were flakies but upon further inspection, I could see they were in fact tiny bar glitters. My photos show Flores in 3 coats. Shorter nails should be fine in 2 coats though. This dried very slightly textured in spots but was smoothed out with 1 layer of top coat.

Primera Espera por la Calavera 

Description: a blue jelly with a green to blue to purple multichrome shimmer and small multi chrome flakies

Primera Espera por la Calavera I just love blue shades like this! I was mostly seeing the green/blue shifts in the shimmer but the purple did show in extreme angles. Very easy to use formula and no issues with the flakies spreading out evenly. My photos show it in 3 coats. Removes easily with acetone.


In the bottle Primera Espera por la Calavera reminded me quite a bit of one of the first Leesha’s Lacquer polishes I first reviewed, How Do You Spell LACQUER? However side by side they are similar but by no means dupes! The shade of blue in these are a different, HDYSL is a touch more of a green/blue. The flakies are also different in color plus Primera Espera por la Calavera has a shifty shimmer in it.

My Thoughts

This quad had easy to use formulas and I didn’t have any application issues. If it wasn’t completely obvious Flores de todos Colores and Primera Espera por la Calavera were my favorites from this quad. I love blues and I love holo so they were obvious favorites of mine. I really liked the mini bar glitters in Flores and my usual complaint on bar glitters (never laying flat and looks like hairs) doesn’t apply to these. I just saw that the Leesha’s Lacquer November PPU will also have mini bar glitters in it which is very exciting. I’ll have a review of that up in a blog post next week!

Sale Info

The Dia de los Muertos quad will be available today at 6PM Central (7PM Eastern) on LeeshsaLacquer.com and the Leesha’s Lacquer Etsy page. All of the polishes, except for the thermals, are limited edition and won’t be restocked. This quad is available in both mini (7.5ml) and full (15ml) size bottles. The mini bottles are priced at $5 each and full size are $10 each. You purchase the full quad for $18 (mini) or $35 (full size).

The Leesha’s Lacquer website has a free shipping threshold of $35 for US orders. My coupon code (not affiliate) ‘NICOLELOVESNAILS25‘ does work for this quad so feel free to use it so save 25% off your order! And to really be a polish enabler, the Leesha’s Lacquer website has AfterPay!


Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection in the comments below. Anyone else not know that mini bar glitters was a thing? Oh and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!


A note on thermals…

I want to add that thermal polishes do have a shelf life (generally at least 6-12 months) on how long they will change colors for. My oldest thermals that still change color are 2 years old. To get the most out of a thermal (all nail polish really) you’ll want to store them in a cool, dark place. I store my thermals with my other nail polish in the Ikea helmers. Once a thermal no longer changes color (aka dies), you can still wear them! The thermals that I own that have died, all stayed in the warm state but it’s not guaranteed to stay in the warm.

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