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Polished Gamers Box | Pokemon

Polished Gamers Box Pokemon
w/ Zombie Claw Polish

October is flying on by and it’s time for a new Polished Gamers box! Zombie Claw Polish is back on the blog with a thermal inspired by the Pokemon, Rapidash! This polish will be exclusive to the October PGB. It will be available tomorrow October 15th at 2PM Eastern time. More details on PGB sale period plus links will be at the end of this post.

The Polished Gamers Box aka PGB is a monthly collaboration between handmade indie brands. Each month has a different theme and themes are always related to video games. Previous boxes have included Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken indoors with daylight bulbs, outdoors with natural light.

Zombie Claw Polish – Rapidash

Description: a red to yellow thermal loaded with crystal chameleon flakies
Inspiration: Rapidash
Price: $12.50 Cap: 100

Rapidash had a surprisingly thin formula for being a thermal and so packed with flakies. Not thin as in watery, it was perfect in consistency, I just usually expect thermals to have a thicker formula than say a jelly or a creme. The flakies didn’t leave behind any texture. It applied very smooth and even. My photos show it in 3 coats but I didn’t noticed much of a color difference between the second and third coats.

I found the color changing aspect started changing as I was applying it. My hands were feeling pretty warm the day I was swatching this so I had a hard time keeping it in the cold state. I did notice that it was very reactive. Despite my hands being really warm, it changed into the cold state quickly when I went outside. Also, I swear my eyes were picking up a very light holo dusting in this.

Zombie Claw Polish
10 free, vegan & cruelty free
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Also, in case anyone was wondering on if this is similar to the Paint It Pretty tri-thermal Scream I posted recently, I wouldn’t say they are dupes or very similar. They change to different colors and the flakies are also different. I will have a comparison up on my Instagram story and save it in my Highlights under ‘comparisons’!

Sale Info

The Polished Gamers Box will be open for orders October 15th at 2PM until October 21st at Midnight Eastern time on Along with nail polish, there will be a variety of handmade items available! All PGB items are sold on preorder and will ship in around 4 weeks after the sale period.

Shipping within the US has a flat rate of $4. International shipping is available and priced at checkout. Multiple orders in the same name will have shipping overages will get refunded.

Polished Gamers
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A note on thermals…

I want to add that thermal polishes do have a shelf life (generally at least 6-12 months) on how long they will change colors for. My oldest thermals that still change color are 2 years old. To get the most out of a thermal (all nail polish really) you’ll want to store them in a cool, dark place. I store my thermals with my other nail polish in the Ikea helmers. Once a thermal no longer changes color (aka dies), you can still wear them! The thermals that I own that have died, all stayed in the warm state but it’s not guaranteed to stay in the warm.

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  1. OMG *faints* that is amazing. I do love thermals ❤ ❤

    Interesting note on thermals. I store all my polishes in Helmers and in a dark room (blind always down) and turned the radiator off in too. I have a few old second hand ones that still work, I find running the nails under very hot water then very cold water works and I get the reaction after that.


    • Right?! Such pretty colors plus I swear I see holo in it but I don’t think Sabrina (owner) has said anywhere that is has holo 🤔

      I decided to start adding that thermal note when I post about thermals just in case someone is new and has never used one before. I don’t personally mind the color change shelf life but I used to be annoyed by it. The first ones I ever purchased are around 4 years old now, around the 2 year mark I noticed they had a hard time changing without using hot/cold water. Haven’t checked them since though.


      • That is a good idea to leave the note. I have the Dance Legend set, the Mortal Kombat 3. I just checked when I posted them 2015! So might dig them out and try them to see if they still change!


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