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Paint It Pretty Polish Fall Flakie Topper Collection – Swatch and Review

Paint It Pretty Fall Flakie Toppers

Today I have a collection of multichrome flakie toppers by a new-to-the-blog brand called Paint It Pretty! These flakie toppers will be available Friday September 18th at 9am Eastern time on the Paint It Pretty Etsy page. I will have links to the Paint It Pretty Etsy as well as their socials and the products that I’ve used for these swatches at the end of this post. These all had the same great formula so as not to be repetitive, I didn’t mention them in my thoughts below each photo.

To really showcase these toppers, I decided to swatch them over black, white, a color complementary creme and 3 coats by themselves. I also did something new with my nails for these swatches. I used a clear acrylic to build my thumbnail to better show the opacity level of these toppers. If you look closely you can see where my actual nail ends and the clear acrylic begins. I’d love to know what people thought of this change or if it’s even noticeable to anyone besides me.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken indoors with daylight bulbs with a peel off base coat plus both matte and glossy top coats.

All Topped Up

Description: a purple/red/gold colour shifting flakie nail polish topper
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

All Topped Up was giving me phoenix (the mythical bird) vibes! I loved this one a lot. I could see the full range in shifts very easily even at my desk. In addition to purple/red/gold I also saw a pink shade. For the ring finger, I used Orly’s Red Rock (reviewed here).

Off The Top 

Description: a teal/purple/red colour shifting flakie nail polish topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Off The Top At my desk, I was seeing a pinky red, purple, and blue/teal. I made a note while swatching this that I was also seeing a “yellowy orange” at extreme angles. You can see that color near the cuticle line of my nails that are black in some photos. I really liked this one over the purple creme and black. For the ring finger, I used Orly’s Gotta Bounce.

Over The Top

Description: a violet/red/gold/green colour shifting flakie nail polish topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Over The Top felt slightly thicker than the rest of the polishes in this collection so the coverage in 3 coats was a bit more opaque. I still had VNL but it wasn’t as apparent. Color wise, this was another favorite for me. I could easily see all of the colors from the bottle on my nails at my desk. I used Sally Hansen x Crayola collab shade in Vivid Violet for the ring finger.

Put Your Top On

Description:  a yellow/green/blue colour shifting flakie nail polish topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Put Your Top On At my desk I was predominantly seeing green. In my kitchen, I was seeing blue/green. I really liked this one over the blue. I used Sally Hansen x Crayola shade in Blue Denim for the ring finger. (Note: I wished I had a shamrock green creme to try this on because I think the effect would have been really cool.)

Top Me Up

Description: bronze/gold colour shifting flakie topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Top Me Up is Fall in a bottle!! The flakes reminded me of leaves changing color. I feel this one is the one that looks most full coverage in 3 coats. Based on how it looked on my clear acrylic nail, I would wager that it’s 95% opaque on a natural nail in 3 coats. I think this looked best over black but I liked how it gave the orange an antique look. I used Sally Hansen x Crayola collab shade in Sunset Orange for the ring finger. 

Topped Off

Description: a violet/purple/pink/gold  colour shifting flakie nail polish topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Topped Off I was mainly seeing a pinky red/purple shift at my desk. At extreme angles, I could see a yellow/green shift. I really liked this over black and pink. I used China Glaze’s Bodysuit Yourself for the ring finger. 

Top Of The Morning

Description: a green/blue/purple/red colour shifting flakie nail polish topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Top Of The Morning is named perfectly because this is pretty much a rainbow in a bottle. I could see all of the colors in the description on my nail at my desk. Out of the whole collection, this one impressed me the most color wise. This is another top pick from the collection for me. I used Show Me The Money by Salon Perfect for my ring finger.

Topping Around

Description: a blue/purple/magenta colour shifting flake filled nail polish topper.
Price: $11 CAD ($8.69 USD)

Topping Around I was able to see all of the color shifts easily on my nails at both my desk and in my kitchen. I loved this one over black and red. This is random but this topper over red and white kept making me think of 4th of July. I used the Sally Hansen x Crayola collab shade in Wild Strawberry for my ring finger.

These all had very easy to use formulas with smooth application and great coverage in 1 coat. I didn’t have to do anything special to get even coverage. They also didn’t dry down textured at all. My top picks from this collection would be All Topped Up, Top Me Up, and Top Of The Morning. I liked these as toppers the most over black and the colored cremes. On their own, in my opinion, they look best in 3 coats. I think sponging them with a makeup wedge on would be an option if you don’t like having VNL and wanted to wear them by themselves.

This collection will be available on the Paint It Pretty polish Etsy page this Friday, September 18th at 9AM Eastern. The polishes will be $11 CAD ($8.69 USD) each for 15ml bottles. Paint It Pretty is a Canadian brand so, shipping costs will vary depending on where you are located but international shipping is available. I am based in the US and my PR package got here in a week after I got the tracking number.

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I had a lot of fun digging through my collection trying to decide on which cremes to use to go with these polishes. I tried linking everything I used below but not all of them are currently available. For the Sally Hansen x Crayola polishes I’d reccomend trying eBay as I see them pop up on there pretty often.

Product list

In case anyone was wondering why I have 3 matte top coats listed.. I was having some issues with my Orly matte top coat leaving little while chunks on my nails. I’m not quite sure why as I thought that happens when matte top coats get old. This bottle is the one I got from my Color Pass box last month. I have been using it a lot for swatches so maybe it’s more of a how often a matte top coat is used and not how old the actually bottle is. I was then finding that the Maniology matte top coat was a little streaky so I went back to using my Heather’s Hues matte top coat.

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