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Heather’s Hues September 2020 Monthly Duo – Swatch and Review!

Heather’s Hues

September 2020 Monthly Duo!

Today I have swatches of the Heather’s Hues September monthly duo! For September, the members of the Heather’s Hues Facebook group were asked to pick out photos that reminded them of fall. This duo consists of a jelly and a crelly both packed with lovely components. Both have great formulas that didn’t require any tricks to get a nice application.

The September duo is available right now on HeathersHues.com. They are $12.50 each for 15ml bottles or $25 for the duo and will be available for the entire month of September. Today is also the last day to get the August monthly duo (reviewed here). You do not need to be a member of the Facebook group to purchase the monthly duos but you do need to be a member to submit and vote on monthly duos. Members also get special perks so I highly recommend joining! I will have links below to everything at the end of this post.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken with daylight bulbs, outdoors in natural light with a peel off base coat plus both matte and glossy top coats.

*Sips Tea*

Description:  a crelly with a strong iridescent teal to fuchsia shimmer, garnet and brown holo microglitters, sky blue holo microglitters and micro shreds, and a touch of multichrome flakes in pink-gold-teal-violet. 
Price: $12.50

*Sips Tea* I was so excited to try this one based on the color and was not disappointed! It’s cool toned but pulls very warm on me (espescially in yellow lighting like outside). The shimmer in this is very color shifty and makes photographing it a little tricky. This also looks just a touch darker on the nail than it does in the bottle. It didn’t feel textured at all from the flakes or glitters. My photos show it in 2 – 3 coats. I had 2 fingers that were opaque in two coats and the other fingers needed that extra coat.

Note: For the life of me I couldn’t get my bottle and brush shots to be color accurate without completely distorting the photo. So those are to show the componets in the polish and not the color! Really sorry about that. Bottle shots are proving to be my Kryptonite unfortunately.

Note #2: Heather let me know before I started swatching *Sips Tea* Ashley (who is an amazing swatcher that you need to check out btw) found that it dried down darker than it appears in the bottle. I’m undecided on if I would have noticed the color difference if I hadn’t been given the heads-up. It’s a slight difference in my opinion. Especially for normal wear when you’re not holding the bottle right next to your hands. I tried to make all of the swatches as color accurate to what I was seeing on my nails, as possible with editing. In the photos with both my nail and the bottle visible, you can see the color difference. However, I didn’t do any editing on my outdoor photos other than watermarking (which is the norm for me). 

‘Leaf’ It On The Table

Description: is a deep blue-green jelly packed with a mix of iridescent flakes and glitters in reds, oranges, golds, and greens, as well as a touch of holo, red holo glitters, and orange holo microshreds. 
Price: $12.50

‘Leaf’ It On The Table was also tricky to photograph accurately. It’s very much a blue/green, some angles it’s bluer and others greener, especially paired with the iridescent flakes and glitters. It looks so beautiful in person! It has an ethereal glow to it that I’m not sure completely translated to photograph. Due to the jelly base, you get layers upon layers of flakes/glitters. My photos show it in 3 coats. This dries with a slight texture but that is smoothed out with top coat. The jelly base is sheer enough that you could use this as a topper over similar or complimentary colors for an interesting effect!

If you’ve read my previous posts on fall collections, you’ll know that I have been seriously loving brown nail polish lately. *Sips Tea* is no exception, I love it! I knew immediately that it would be my favorite from this duo. While ‘Leaf’ It.. is everything I want in a blue polish, *Sips Tea* is making my new found “I love fall colors during the fall” self very happy. I’d recommend both but if you can only afford one, I’d say go with *Sips Tea*. The shade of taupey brown paired with the shimmer and flakes makes it very unique in my opinion.

The September duo is available now on HeathersHues.com. These will be available for the entire month of September. Links to all of the products mentioned are below as well as the Heather’s Hues social pages and my own.

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