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September 2020 Polish Pickup – Halloween!!

September 2020 Polish Pickup

Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else feel like August just started? I can’t believe the month is almost already over but that does mean it is time for the next Polish Pickup! For September the theme is Halloween! I was so happy to see that Halloween was the winning theme for September because I LOVE Halloween! It’s my favorite part of fall and the makers did not disappoint this month! This month I have 3 nail polishes and 1 whipped scrub to show. These products will be available September 4th at 11AM Eastern time on PolishPickup.com. I will have all of the appropriate links as well as more sale information at the end of this post.

In case you are new, Polish Pickup is a monthly collaboration of indie polish and handmade product makers based on a chosen theme. There’s a new theme with new products each month from dozens of makers. Items are available the first Friday – Monday of each month for pre-order at PolishPickup.com. All items are shipped together, for one low flat rate price of $3 (U.S. orders). Canadian shipping starts at $6 USD on the main site and international shipping is also available from the co.uk site.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken with daylight bulbs and outdoors natural light on my acrylic nails with a peel off base coat plus top coat.

Heather’s Hues – Feel It In The Scare

Inspiration: All the things of Halloween/October
Description: a black to blood red thermal full of red and orange iridescent and multichrome flakes and a touch of orange and red holo micro shreds
Price: $12.50 for 15ml NO CAP!

Feel It In The Scare is a thermal with a great formula. As a general rule, I always do 3 coats with thermals to make sure the warm state is completely opaque. With this, I didn’t see a difference between the second and third coats for opacity. I feel that my photos make this look a lot more of an orangey red than it appears in real life. It’s very much a blood red! In fact, it’s such a perfect blood red that if it weren’t for the flakes I would have been a little creeped out wearing it. Meaning this will be perfect for Halloween manicures! 

My hands tend to either be really warm or ice cold and the day I swatched this, they were really warm. Which made photographing the cold state difficult. You can see the polish was changing back to warm in my cold state photos. I found that in the cold state it is a very deep reddish brown that looks darker in color with top coat. On nails without a free edge, you will likely only see one color at a time. I made a video showing the warm and the cold states on my new YouTube channel!

Heather’s Hues

Leesha’s Lacquer – 3 Spooky 5 Me

Inspiration: Halloween Mood board
Description: a white crelly with red, orange, purple and yellow glitters and a hint of red shimmer
Price: $11 for 15ml Cap: 150 US / 20 UK

3 Spooky 5 Me has the perfect glitter mix that will work both well for fall and Halloween manicures! My photos show it in 3 coats but it was opaque in 2. I just prefer my white crellies to be stark white so I added a third coat but for opacity and glitter pay off, it wasn’t needed. This has a literal ton of glitter in it but the formula wasn’t thick or hard to work with at all.

The glitters spread out evenly without having to do any work for placement. I also didn’t need to hold my bottle upside down before applying this. I found that it dried surprisingly smooth for the amount of glitter that is in it. I only needed 1 layer of regular glossy top coat to get a completely smooth finish. Also, the shimmer in this really comes alive with top coat.

Leesha’s Lacquer
website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

Twisting Nether Lacquer – The Feline Familiar

Inspiration: World of Warcraft Battle Pet
Description: a black jelly filled with green-teal-blue crystal chameleon flakes, lime-gold micro shreds, and holo sparkle.
Price: $12.50 for 15ml Cap 120 US / 10 UK

The Feline Familiar is a beautiful jelly polish. My photos show it in 3 coats alone (ring and pinky) and 2 coats over a black creme (pointer and ring). As you can see from the photos, all of the fingers look identical so how you wear this is a personal preference. This has a great formula and I didn’t have any issues with the flakes dragging between coats. The jelly formula really lets the flakies shine and give it plenty of dimension. I loved this one matte!

On natural nails, I would imagine there *could* be a hint of VNL (visible nail line) on some angles. However, I would wager that the flakes and base color would largely distract from that. As a topper it can be used in 1 or 2 coats, depending on personal preference, but for dimension between flakies I would suggest 2 coats. This would be great for a pond mani!

Twisting nether lacquer

Zombie Claw Polish – Whipped Soap

Scent description: warm campfire embers, toasted marshmallow, melted chocolate and graham cracker.
Price: $6.50 for 4oz Cap: 44 US / 4 UK

Ingredients: glycerin, sorbitol, purified water, stearic acid, sodium cocoyl, isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, diazolidinyl urea, idopropynyl buylcarbamate, tetrasodium EDTA, icing sugar, grape seed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, skin safe fragrance and pigment

This is my first time trying the Zombie Claw Polish whipped soap or any whipped soap for that matter. It has a thick consistency, similar in texture (without the stickiness) and color to a marshmallow fluff/creme. If you’ve tried the Zombie Claw whipped scrub, the consistency is pretty similar but just a hair thicker. It spreads really evenly across the skin and a little goes a LONG way. When I took these photos, I had already used this soap 3 times and there was still plenty left in my sample.

It definitely feels less harsh on my skin than my usual BBW liquid hand soap after rinsing. With this, I could immediately feel a difference between the two. After about 15 minutes of washing, my hands were only just starting to feel dry. With my usual soap, my hands usually look ashy (read: dry as hell) .5 seconds after I dry my hands. I want to note that the oils in this won’t leave you feeling greasey. They seem to absord into the skin pretty quickly so no need to worry about leaving fingerprints everywhere after you wash.

The scent of this is really nice. When I first got it, I didn’t have a scent description. What I was picking up was something a bit floral but earthy with a hint of maybe a musk? I got a good laugh when Sabrina told me what the actual scent was because I was totally off! Which isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Nonetheless, it smells great! The scent doesn’t linger long on your hands after washing which is a plus for me since I use a lot of scented lotions and oils on my hands. Just a note, the size in my photos is just the swatcher sample. The size jar orders come with is much larger!

Zombie Claw Polish
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

Sale Information

These items will be available on the Polish Pickup website starting September 4th at 11AM Eastern Time until September 7th at 11:59PM and on the Polish Pickup sister site September 3rd at 1600GMT until Tuesday at 0500GMT. Orders to the same name/address are automatically combined and shipping on multiple orders refunded. Items purchased during the sale period are a pre-order and generally ship 3-4 weeks after the sale period is over. The website will be open for viewing items this Sunday! There are more items available than just what I have shown.

Polish Pickup
Website |International Site |Instagram | Facebook |
Facebook Group | Chat/BST Group

For more information on PPU, I highly recommend the Polish Pickup Pack Facebook Group. Between getting early spoilers on releases and voting on future themes, it’s a great group! Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear what everyone plans on getting in the comment section!

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