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Polish M Fall 2020 Collection – Swatch and Review

Polish ‘M Fall 2020 Collection

Today I have swatches of the Fall 2020 collection by a new-to-me brand called Polish ‘M! The Fall 2020 collection is made up of 6 polishes with beautiful fall manicure ready colors and will release Saturday, August 29th at 10AM PST on the Polish ‘M website. Each polish comes in a 15ml bottle and is priced at $10 USD each or a $54 for the full collection, plus shipping. This will be a 1-time release and won’t be restocked. I will include links to the maker’s website and socials at the end of this post.

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes as PR in exchange for photographs and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My photos were taken with daylight bulbs and natural light on my acrylic nails with a peel off base coat plus top coat. Links containing * are affiliate links.

Bonfire & Chill

Price: $10
Description: An eggplant purple with purple/blue shifting iridescent glitter, magenta & sapphire metallic glitter and gold micro flakes.

Bonfire & Chill is a full coverage glitter so it dries down with a slight texture which smooths out with 1 coat of top coat. It’s incredibly sparkly and really stunning on the nail! I wish I had been able to get a photo of this in direct sunlight because I bet it’s even more beautiful. I would recommend the soak off method or a peel off base coat for this polish since it is so glitter heavy. My photos show it in 2 coats.

Farmhouse Fall

Price: $10
Description: A chocolate brown gold to red shifting shimmer and orange to green shifting iridescent UCC flakes.

Farmhouse Fall had a very smooth formula and had great coverage on the first coat. The brown is very rich and is the perfect chocolate brown. This was the polish that I was most surprised at how much I liked it! It’s so sparkly from the flakes and shimmer and looks like magic on the nail. I can’t stress just how beautiful I found this one. Brown polishes seem to be my favorites fall this year! My photos show it in 2 coats.

Hello Gourdgeous!

Price: $10
Description: A blackened yellow with a dusting of aurora shimmer and moss green metallic glitter.

Hello Gourdgeous is going to be one of those colors you either love or hate. I don’t usually gravitate towards colors like this but I found it oddly appealing. It reminded me of pea soup green but in yellow. Definetly unique to my collection! The formula was very easy to use and wasn’t streaky at all. The glitters spread out really evenly and no glitter manipulation was done for this. I didn’t hold the bottle upside down before using this but I did give it a shake in my Pro Shaker before swatching. This was the only polish that needed 3 coats on me but I think shorter nails could get away with 2 coats.

I Like My Pumpkin Spicy

Price: $10
Description: A very soft rust with gold flakes, pink shimmer and scattered gold galaxy holo glitter.

I Like My Pumpkin Spicy is another unique color to my collection. I don’t own anything in a color like this! Another really smooth formula and the glitter didn’t dry down textured at all. The shimmer was very beautiful and delicate looking. I felt this one really screamed fall. My photos show it in 2 coats.

While I was swatching I Like My Pumpkin Spicy I found myself compelled to do nail art over it! I quickly realized I don’t have any fall stamping plates that aren’t related to Halloween. I did really like how this came out nonetheless. I used Uberchic Beauty’s Just For Claws 1-01 plate and Twinkled T So Extra* stamping polish for this design.

Pick Of The Patch

Price: $10
Description: A burnt red with brown undertones with purple shifting iridescent UCC flakes and scattered gold galaxy holo glitter.

Pick Of The Patch is another stand out for me. My eyes were seeing a reddish purple (burgundy?) but in some lighting (like at my desk) I was able to see the brown undertones. The color paired with the glitter and flakies will have you staring at your hands! It’s absolutely mesmerizing. I was super bummed I didn’t get a direct sunlight photo of this because this is extremely holographic. The glitters give it a slight texture but they smoothed out with top coat. My photos show this in 2 coats.

That Autumn Life

Price: $10
Description: A neutral beige with pink to gold shifting shimmer, shifting iridescent UCC flakes and silver galaxy holo glitter.

That Autumn Life is what I would call a greyish beige or ‘greige’. It’s the kind of polish that I used to feel was the only type of good fall color. I know, I know. A very unpopular opinion that I have recently changed! I put this one on immediately after receiving my swatch package and it did not disappoint. It looks absolutely beautiful in every type of lighting. My photos show it in 2 coats.

I was very impressed by these formulas. None needed any glitter manipulation and all applied very easily. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I can get a polish opaque in 2 coats on my nail length. The Polish ‘M brush is one of my favorites that I see indies use. It’s a happy medium between a wide brush and a skinny brush.

Brush Shot

When I opened the package for this collection I thought That Autumn Life was going to be my favorite. I love grey/greige polishes, especially ones that have shimmer and holo. While it is still one of my favorites from this collection I think Farmhouse Fall will be my top pick. The rich chocolately color paired with the flakies and the shimmer is just everything and it really stood out to me. Pick of The Patch also really stood out to me.

These polishes will all be available on Saturday August 29th at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST. Each bottle is $10 but if you get the full collection they will be $54. These won’t be restocked so once they’re gone, they’re gone. I’d love to know what your favorites were in the comment section below!

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