Heather's Hues

Neon Alien Nail Art!

I recently received my July Hella Handmade Creations order and the neon polish that Heather’s Hues released (I’m Going To Lose My Freakin’ Mind) was screaming at me to do nail art with it. I also used one of the Orly neons from the summer 2020 collection. Links to products used will be at the end of this post. With the exception of the Orly polish (it was gifted to me by elianakerenjams on Instagram) I purchased all of these.

I didn’t remember to take photos before I started stamping but I used 3 coats for both I’m Going To Lose My Freakin’ Mind polish and Oh Snap. Both had good formulas but I found the Orly creme to have that typical ‘you can mess this up really easily’ formula yellows tend to have. It’s also much more bright than my photos show. The Heather’s Hues polish is so bright it makes Oh Snap not look very neon. I also used 1 coat of No Two Snowflakes Are Alike by Heather’s Hues on top of the Oh Snap.

This was my first time using the sticky base by Maniology for reverse stamping instead of my usual Yellow Stopper. It worked very similarly and didn’t seem to tint my base color like Yellow Stopper does. So far I really like it for reverse stamping. As always you can use my affiliate code NLN10 to save 10% off full priced items on Maniology.com*.

I attempted (keyword here is attempt!) to record while I was coloring in the design for the pointer finger. Which was a lot harder than I imagined! I recently purchased a camera so expect more videos in the future. Hopefully they’ll be better haha!

This is my first time making a video like this so sorry there isn’t any sound/music. I was watching my sister do a livestream on public health for our state and figured no one wanted to listen to that! The dots on my stamper were from the water based top coat I use before coloring in images.

For the outlines I used Straight Up Black by Maniology. I colored the pointer and middle nails using Holo There Beautiful by Hit The Bottle. I colored all of the the aliens with the same Heather’s Hues neon green. The aliens were still rather sheer with that so I added a layer of Food Fight (neon green) by Maniology to the aliens to make sure that it was opaque. For my pinky I used Slam Book (neon pink), Liquid Sunshine (yellow holo) Holo There Beautiful (silver holo) and Individuality (teal holo) by Heather’s Hues to color in the planets and stars.

Product Links

Disclaimer: I purchased all of the above products unless otherwise state. Links/codes with * are affiliate and I make a percentage from purchases.

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