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Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty Collection – Swatch and review

Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty

Today’s swatches are a bit different! I first saw these polishes mentioned over on Instagram a few months ago. I thought one of the polishes was really cute and the others rather odd. However the collector (some might say hoarder) in me knew that I had to have all of them!

I don’t generally buy a lot of drugstore polishes so Sinful Colors isn’t usually on my radar for new releases. However like I said, the collector in me needed these polishes. I ordered these from the Walmart website. Which turned into a whole ordeal that I’ll add at the bottom of this post for those interested. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you’ll already know how I feel about one of these polishes. Swatching these was… an experience.

The Sweet & Salty collection is a set of 6 scented polishes that are inspired by snack foods. 2 polishes are textured and the rest are glitter crellies/jellies. With that in mind I’ll just get in to the swatches. Don’t forget to take part in the poll at the end of this post or comment your thoughts on this collection!

Cheese Puff

Cheese Puff is a bright orange textured polish. Formula was a bit thin but easy to work with. My photos show 2 coats and no top coat. It very much reminds me of the inspiration (Cheetos/Cheezedoodles?) in color. The texture in appearance reminds me of the cheese dust that gets all over your fingers when you eat Cheetos/Cheezedoodles. The texture felt sandpapery. The scent however didn’t remind me of anything. It wasn’t bad but I couldn’t figure out what my nose was smelling with this.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake is a dark chocolate brown textured polish. I kinda like the shade of brown of this polish but wasn’t a fan of much else about it. This had good coverage on the first coat but wasn’t quite opaque so my photos show 2 coats. I’ve made quite a few chocolate cakes over the years but I can’t say any have ever smelled or looked like this. It smelled chocolatey but with something else added. My swatch notes called it “dirty chocolate”. It didn’t smell bad but the something else added to the chocolate didn’t sit well with me. I found the macro of this polish in particular rather unsettling.

Cookies & Cream

Cookies and cream is a taupey/nude with matte black glitters in various sizes. My photos show 2 coats plus 2 layers of top coat. Formula was good and easy to work with. This had a literal ton of glitter in it so it dries down bumpy. The larger glitters had a tendancy to sink to the bottom of the bottle so I kept the bottle upside down between coats. The scent for this matched the inspiration and was pleasant.

Donut Even

Donut Even is a light pink jelly/crelly with a mixture of pink, yellow, orange dark and light blue bar glitters. My photos show it in 3 coats with top coat. I found the glitters wanted to drag to the tips of my nails a bit but otherwise this had a good formula. I dabbed in glitters in a few places to get even glitter coverage. This had a pleasant sweet smell and had the best scent in the collection.

Pizza Party

Pizza Party is a peachy nude crelly with a mixture of red, black and orange circle glitters plus white bar glitters. It looks really orange on me, my outdoor photos seem more color accurate to my eyes. My photos show it in 3 coats plus 2 layers of top coat. The formula on this was rather thin but it’s really packed with glitters and gets thick on the nail quickly. If I wore this again (doubtful) I would stop at 2 coats. The scent on this was not good. It didn’t smell like pizza I got a whif of maybe oregano?

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is a tan crelly with green metallic shreds, red, pink and black glitters in various sizes . My photos show 3 coats plus top coat. This leaned very orange on me, it’s a bit more beige in person. Thin formula but not difficult to use. This had a ton of glitter and shards in it. The large red glitters were hard to get out of the bottle. I think this one could be called a “prugly” (pretty but ugly) polish. I like how it looks but at the same time think it’s ugly. I thought Pizza Party smelled bad until I got a whif of this one. This scent made me nauseous unfortunely. I had to wash my hands after I took this off to get the scent off me.

Overall this collection was an interesting one to swatch. I was a bit disappointed that the scents didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I do really like that Sinful Colors went and made such an interesting collection! I like having these from a collector’s stand point but I don’t see myself wearing most of these again. I do plan on keeping a better eye on their future releases because for $2.98 a bottle, I really can’t be mad. My top picks from this collection would be Donut Even and Cookies and Cream. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this collection either in the comments or in the poll!

Story time! As I said earlier, I ordered these from the Walmart website back in June and received them pretty quickly. They were packaged well so no complaints there. However, my bottle of Donut Even was broken along the rim so I had to get a replacement. Ironically that was the one polish from this collection that I actually saw myself wearing because I liked the way it looked. Unforunately, because I ordered all 6 as a set I had to return all of them to get 1 bottle replaced. I was tempted to just go to Walmart and buy a bottle of Donut Even to avoid returning everything but thanks to covid I decided to just keep my butt home. So I sent the set back through USPS (who passed it to FedEx) and it got lost along the way. It finally made it to Walmart the second week of July and they sent out my replacement pretty quickly after that.

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My photos were taken indoors with daylight bulbs, outdoors in natural light and with the exception of the 2 textured, include top coat. For the polishes that required 2 layers of top coat I also used the Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber top coat. I purchased all of the above products unless otherwise state.

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    • Yeah, I was pretty annoyed during this experience with the Walmart website. I was really concerned they were going to bill me twice for these because the package didn’t get to them by the date they gave me. Despite the scents not really being for me on these, I’d love to see Sinful Colors do a part 2 to this!


  1. My immediate reaction was I HATED them, but after looking at your swatches they grew on me for sure! I definitely think the taco and pizza ones should be switched though!
    Way to make a prugly collection pretty!


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