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New Releases from Leesha’s Lacquer (7 Year Anniversary Trio + Nail Polish Thinner)

Leesha’s Lacquer 7 Year Anniversary Trio!

*PR* I have a few products to share today from Leesha’s Lacquer! To celebrate the 7 year anniversary of Leesha’s Lacquer, owner Alicia is releasing a limited edition set of polishes. These polishes release August 7th at 6PM Central Time. These will be very limited; only 30, yes 30 bottles of each polish will be available on the Leesha’s Lacquer website. They will be $11 USD each and are in 15ml bottles. Flakie and holographic lovers will be very happy with these polishes. I also have a product review on a new product coming to Leesha’s Lacquer, a indie polish friendly nail polish thinner! The nail polish thinner is scheduled to be released at the same time as the anniversary trio!


I was sent these products in exchange for photos and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My indoor photos were taken with daylight bulbs. All photos are shown with both glossy and matte top coats.

I Put All The Things In Here

I Put All The Things In Here is described as a black based plum jelly with tons of different shifts, flakies and can lovingly be called a “kitchen sink” polish. Alicia really put all the things into this polish! Polishes like this one are my favorite things from indies. I LOVE having all of the things in my polish! At first glance, this looks black but it is a very dark plum shade. In a lot of lighting, it will appear black. This had a great formula and no manipulation was needed to get the flakes evenly spread out. I found it opaque in 3 coats, with a slightly thicker third coat. I could see this used as a topper over dark colors.

Note: It got hot (close to 90F) in my nail room the week I was swatching these so I had to add some thinner to this polish. I used the soon to be released Leesha’s Lacquer thinner and it worked wonderfully!

Hey, Everybunny!

Hey, Everybunny! is described as a black based holographic with a blue/green duo chrome shift. First off this name is everything! Second, it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s VERY holographic and the chrome shimmer is very shifty. I was seeing a green to blue to purple shift. The sun disappeared when I went outside for my photos so I don’t have a good outdoor shot of the holographic in this but it is there! This has a very smooth formula that I found opaque in 3 coats but I think in on shorter nails it would be opaque in 2 coats. It hurt me inside to make this matte (matte kills holo) but I knew that a matte top coat would make that chrome shimmer look really cool and I was right!

How do you spell, LACQUER?

How do you spell LACQUER? is described as a bright ocean blue with a purple/blue/green multichrome shift and blue/green duo chrome flakies. I LOVE this shade of blue! I can’t get enough of colors like this. It’s so vibrant and looks beautiful on the nail. Formula is superb and just glides on to the nail. I found it opaque in 3 coats and found that the third coat deepened the color. The color of the flakies really pop with this base color and don’t dry down textured.. This would be fantastic for a pond mani or as a base for ocean nails.

Nail Polish Thinner Review

Directions: Add two to three drops of nail polish thinner, using the included dropper cap. Be sure to replace the cap to the flat cap to prevent evaporation of product*.

The Leesha’s Lacquer nail polish thinner will be sold in a 2oz bottle for $6. It comes with both a flat cap and a dropper cap. It only has 2 ingredients, Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate. Meaning it is safe to use with indie formulas and polishes that are 3, 5, 10+ free without adding any chemicals that aren’t already in the formula. Which is the #1 thing you want from a nail polish thinner. It can also be used in top and base coats. I wouldn’t reccomend it for water based or gel (the kind that needs to be cured in a lamp) polish though.

I’ve used a few different thinners over the years and my previous go-to (Orly) changed the formula recently. So I was actually in the market for a new thinner. I’ve been using this thinner for a few weeks now and I’ve found that I need to use fewer drops than I was previously. With my quick dry top coat, I found that I often had to squirt (not drop, squirt) my old thinner into it when it started getting thick. With this, I have only been using 3 drops.

I also used this thinner with a few of my stamping polishes that had gotten thick and I only need 2-3 drops to get them at a nice consistency again. I really like this thinner. I don’t know the science behind how I am using less thinner with this as opposed to my old Orly one that has the same ingredients list but I am using less of it. Color me impressed!

*Note the directions for the thinner state to switch it back to the flat cap after use but I forgot to swap the caps back for a few days and didn’t see any evaporation. As a test, I have kept the dropper cap on since I first started using it (July 26th) and marked a line on the bottle when I finish using it. I haven’t experienced any evaporation with keeping that cap on. So while I will most likely be just keeping the dropper cap on, your mileage may vary on if there’s evaporation for you.

In my opinion, nail polish thinner is just as important to own for home manicures as a polish remover and cuticle oil. You do NOT want to ever use nail polish remover to thin out your nail polish! With usage and over time, nail polish will thicken up. With it being so hot this summer, that can also cause nail polish to thicken up quite a bit. I recently moved into a house that doesn’t have central AC, and I have noticed that when it’s hot my nail polish application can be affected. All that said, I highly reccomend this nail polish thinner. It’s worked great in the different types of nail polish that I have used it in.

And that’s everything I have for upcoming releases from Leesha’s Lacquer! Everything I showed will be available this Friday, August 7th at 6PM Central time on the Leesha’s Lacquer website, The polishes are very limited (30 bottle each!) but the thinner should be around for awhile. If I was going to pick a favorite, I think I would go with How Do You Spell, LACQUER? There’s just something about blue nail polish that calls to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection in the comments below!

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