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Heather’s Hues July 2020 Monthly Duo + July PPU Rewind

Heather’s Hues July Duo + PPU

*PR Sample* I had such a hard time keeping this news to myself! This is my first month of OFFICIALLY swatching for my favorite brand, Heather’s Hues!! I can’t tell you guys how estastic I am that Heather sent these polishes to me to swatch. I’m pretty sure the cows in the barn could hear me screaming “OMG” that morning Heather messaged me haha. I have 2 fantastic polishes that are available NOW on HeathersHues.com. I also have swatches of Scorpius which is available at PolishPickup.com from Friday, July 3rd-July 6th.

If you are new to the brand, each month the members of the Facebook group, Heather’s Hue-T-Pies, select 2 photos for Heather to use as inspiration for a limited edition polish duo. This month we have a gorgeous crelly jam packed with a rainbow of glitters and a super color shifty sea green! You don’t need to be a member of the Facebook group to purchase these polishes but if you want to be able to help select future duo inspiration I highly recommend joining.

The monthly duo polishes are currently available on the Heather’s Hues website for $25 USD as a set or $12.50 individually for 15ml bottles. At the time of posting the June duo (reviewed here) is still up so if you act fast you can get both! The Polish Pickup Rewind polish will be $12.50 USD for a 15ml bottle with NO CAP! My favorite hand/body lotion from Heather’s Hues, WiTS will also be available from Polish Pickup this month. I’m not sure on which scent will be available so I will update this post when I find out. I will include links to everything at the end of this post.

Taste The Rainbow

Taste The Rainbow is described as a dusty blue/grey crelly packed with a mix of rainbow glitters and flakes and kissed with a touch of scattered holo and holo flake. My photos show 2 coats plus top coat. When Heather said this was packed with glitter and flakes she wasn’t kidding. Since it has so much glitter/flakes, it is on the thicker end of a crelly formula. I found it to be easy to use and no glitter manipulation was needed. I will note that I did 1 coat of top coat for my photo but after wearing this for a few hours I found that I wanted another layer of top coat to smooth out the glitters. I found it to be like 90% smooth with 1 coat of glossy top coat.

Crash Into Me

Crash Into Me is described as sea green with iridescent orange-gold-green-aqua shimmer and a touch of iridescent flakes in orange-green-gold-blue. Depending on lighting I found this can lean a bit blue/teal. The shimmer in the nail polish is just so beautiful. My photos show 3 coats with top coat. The formula was easy to work with and I didn’t have any application issues. The flakes spread out evenly on their own and don’t dry down with texture. This polish would be great for a mermaid tail nail art base!

Brush shot of the Heather’s Hues brush


Scorpius was originally released in the January 2020 Polish Pickup. It’s described as a blurple jelly base with iridescent pink-gold-green shimmer. I used 3 coats plus top coat for my photos. The shimmer in this polish is absolutely mind-blowing. I can’t count the number of times I stopped what I was doing to look at my nails while I was wearing this. This is one of those polishes where you will be staring at your nails all day long. I got compliments on these nails from my teenage nephews who rarely ever notice my nails. On natural nails, there can be a tiny bit of VNL from some angles if you look for it but the shimmer largely distracts from it. I found on my clear acrylic that VNL was a lot more apparent than it was when I wore this with natural nails.

I was sent Scorpius as a gift from Heather with an order I placed back in late January/early February. I had skipped PPU in January (my fiancĂ© and I were still figuring out the future baby + new house budget) and was pretty bummed I missed out on buying this nail polish. She included it for free and wrote the sweetest note to go with it (she includes personalized notes with all website orders). It really made me so happy and if memory serves corrected I ended up wearing this polish for 2 weeks. I also wore it for my 50 Shades of Grey inspired Valentine’s Day manicure this year. I actually plan on picking up another bottle of it this month because it’s just that beautiful.

The first 2 polishes are up on the Heather’s Hues website now. Scorpius will be available on the Polish Pickup website starting Friday at 11AM Eastern time. All of these are limited edition so they won’t be available forever. Thank you so much to Heather for sending me these wonderful nail polishes!

Heather’s Hues Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook group
Polish Pickup Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group/BST Chat Group

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