Moonflower Polish Pop Pastels and Summer Neon Collections – Swatch and Review

Moonflower Polish Swatch & Review

*PR SAMPLES* I am really excited to share these polishes today! This is my first time getting a PR package from a brand. I had a great experience working with Nadia from Moonflower Polish and she sent some great polishes for me to share. Products were sent in exchange for photos and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have 2 polishes from the Pop Pastels collection and 2 polishes from the Summer Neons collection. The Pop Pastels collection is a set of 8 creme polishes that are vibrant with a glowing shimmer. The Summer Neons collection is also a set of 8 polishes with similar formulas to the Pop Pastels but in bright neon colors. Both collections are available on the website for $65 full size or $43 mini size. Individual polishes are $9 for full size (15ml) and $6 mini (7ml). These are all multipurpose polishes that are great for stamping, nail art or just wearing alone. All of the polishes have beautiful shimmer running throughout and I found them all to be very opaque.

Since these can be used as stamping polish, they are a bit thicker than regular polish. Nail polish thinner can be added for a thinner consistency but I found the formula to be perfect. I didn’t have any problems with application or with stamping. All of these were opaque in 1-2 coats on my nails with the exception of lemonade which I did 3 coats for. My photos show both indoor lighting with a daylight bulb and outside in natural light. For my stamping plates I used Mani x Me M009 and Uberchic Beauty Just for Claws 1-02.


Lavanda is from the Pop Pastels collection and is described as a soft purple creme with shimmer. The shimmer was very delicate looking and made this polish look quite beautiful. This was opaque for me in 2 coats but I’m pretty sure on shorter nails it would be opaque in 1 coat. It blended easily with Paloma to make the gradient on my middle finger.


Paloma is from the Pop Pastels collection and is described as a dove grey creme with shimmer. On the product description page Nadia says it’s really a pigeon grey but dove grey sounds nicer! I found this completely opaque in 1 coat but I preferred coverage in 2 coats. The shimmer in this one was a bit more subtle on the nail than Lavanda but still visible. I felt like this dried a touch quicker than Lavanda when applying on my nails but not so fast that it made application difficult. I did notice that with stamping, this worked best if I only swiped my scraper once.


Sprinkles is the first polish I have from the Neon Pastels collection and is described as a magenta/pink neon in a creme base with sparkly shimmer. I found it to pull more neon pink to my eyes and the shimmer seemed more obvious on the nail than in the next polish. It was very opaque on the first coat so I believe on shorter nails it would be opaque in 1 coat, my nails needed that second coat. After stamping I had some bleeding in one area when I applied top coat over white but I didn’t notice that over black or the gradient. So that was probably an application error on my part with the top coat. It blended perfectly with lemonade. Those two polishes together are what dreams are made of.


Lemonade is described as a yellow-green neon creme with sparkly shimmer. I used 3 coats for my photos as after 2 I had some slight streaks towards the very tips of my nails. That shouldn’t be an issue with shorter nails. I originally used the same stamping plate for this color as I did the other polishes. However, I found that design had lines that were so thin they didn’t do this polish justice as it was very hard to see the design especially over white. After some testing I went with this design for lemonade and am really happy with the coverage. I really loved this color. I found it leaned a bit more green than yellow in most lighting but I would still classify it as a yellow/green (chartreuse?) color.

Brush shot of Lavanda
Brush shot of Lavanda

I’d also like to note that the Moonflower brush is fantastic. It’s not too thick or too thin and works with the formula of these polishes wonderfully.

These polishes were my first time trying Moonflower Polish and I can say I am officially a fan. I have an idea for some fluid art nails with these colors that I’m really excited to try. The formulas are fantastic for regular wear and I love that they double as stamping polish. The price point is really great plus there are a large variety of colors and finishes (including holographic stamping polish!) available on the website. Thank you again to Nadia for sending me these polishes to review!

Moonflower Polish : Website | Instagram | Facebook Page | Facebook group

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