Heather's Hues

Heather’s Hues June 2020 Monthly Duo

Heather’s Hues June 2020 Monthly Duo

Heather’s Hues is back with the monthly duo for June as chosen by the members of the Facebook fangroup Heather’s Hue-T-Pies. Each month Heather creates 2 limited edition polishes based on photos voted by members of the Facebook group. For June there is a beautiful pink so bright that it can only be described as PANK and a thermal that will make any purple lover very happy. Both have great and easy to use formulas that are opaque in 2-3 coats depending on preference.

These polishes are currently available on the Heather’s Hues website. They are $12.50 USD each or $25 for the pair. You don’t need to be a member of the group to buy these polishes but if you want to take part in selecting future inspiration photos you’ll have to join! This set is limited edition and will be replaced by July’s monthly duo next month. Just a pro tip from someone who buys these monthly duos often, on the last day of the month (plus sometimes the first day or two of the new month) you can purchase the current month AND the next month’s polishes at the same time.

Wisteria Garden

Wisteria Gardens is described as “a thermal shifting from violet (cold state) to a sheer periwinkle (warm state) and filled with a mix of shimmer, iridescent and multichrome flakes, and glitters in greens, purples, and blues.” Wow! This polish is packed with shimmer, glitters and flakies! I didn’t do the glitter trick by holding the bottle upside down before polishing or any kind of glitter placement. It’s usually not really needed with Heather’s formulas so I don’t usually bother doing it. The glitters/flakies didn’t need any coaxing or manipulation. As with nearly all thermals I wear, I did 3 coats.

I will note that I didn’t notice a major difference in opacity between the 2nd and 3rd coats but it did give more depth between the flakies and glitters. So if you draw the line at 2 coats this polish will still look great on you. I found this polish transitioned easily on my nails. While this polish is described as sheer in the warm state, there is so much going on with the shimmer, flakies and glitter that it really distracts from any visible nail line. Also, 1 coat of top coat smoothed this out completely.

Paris ‘Pank’

Paris ‘Pank’ is described as “a neon pink packed with a blue to violet to pink iridescent shimmer and a mix of orange-pink iridescent and blue-violet-red multichrome flakes”. Oh boy oh boy was I excited for this polish!! Heather has mentioned on more than one occasion that she is no lover of pinks but I must say she makes a dang fine pink polish! My photos show 2 coats plus top coat.

This one is so pink it really can only be called PANK. It can lean a bit reddish/coral in photos but make no mistake it is pink. It’s so bright and very much a neon. I can’t stress enough just how bright this color is. When my fiancĂ© came home I showed him my nails and he said that he was pretty sure our neighbors could see my nails from inside their house. If you love neons you will love this polish. Paired with the strong shimmer and the flakes it’s absolutely perfect. I wore this polish for a few days after swatching and noticed that the iridescent flakes were much more apparent in low light settings.

I really loved this month’s duo polishes. I’d definitely recommend both but if you twisted my arm for a personal favorite I’d say the pink. However, they’re both really great. I can’t wait to see what Heather comes up with for the July duo!

Heather’s Hues – Website + Instagram + Facebook Fan Group

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