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Heather’s Hues Moxie Collection

Heather’s Hues Moxie Collection!

Today I have swatches of the Moxie collection by Heather’s Hues. It’s a 4 piece collection of multichrome polishes that all have a wide range in color shift. At the time of posting they are all currently available on the Heather’s Hues website. I bought this collection a few months back and am only now getting around to wearing them. BIG mistake! They’re all great and I can officially say that I DO like multichrome polishes after a few years of feeling otherwise. These are the kinds of polishes where you find yourself staring at your nails at times when you shouldn’t. I may or may not have tripped while walking up the stairs because I was so fascinated by my nails.

To get the full range in color shiftiness, you don’t have to contort your arms or anything like that. I found the colors I saw directly under my daylight bulbs were different than the ones I saw outside or even in the kitchen lighting. All of the polishes cover in 2-3 coats, depending on nail length. I did 3 coats plus top coat for all of my photos. None of these polishes needed a black base for full opacity and all of them had an easy to use formula. I swatched these on my clear acrylic nails so on extreme angles I have some transparency at the tips. I’ve found that happens with when swatching over clear but isn’t an issue with natural nails since they’re not 100% clear like my fakes.


Jomo is described as “a multichrome shifting a deep turquoise to blue-violet to pink to orange-gold to lime”. I loved how shimmery this multichrome was. This polish has all of my favorite nail polish colors (turquoise, blue, purple and pink) in it which made my really happy. I found the orange/gold/lime shift to be a bit more difficult to capture but they are in there.


Sisu is described as ” a multichrome shifting from rust to amber to chartreuse to emerald to teal”. I’m not usually much of a green lover but this polish just knocked my socks off. I was most surprised by how much I loved this since green nail polish doesn’t usually do it for me. This polish reminded me of those really pretty scarab (?) beetles I see in pictures and think to myself “I want that color on my nails.” Hopefully it’s not just me that has thoughts like that…


Querencia is described as “a multichrome shifting from a wine to red to orange to rusty-amber”. This was the polish I was most lusting after from swatch pictures! The orange/rust color shift gave me some serious fiery vibes out in the sunlight.


Lagom is described as “a multichrome shifting from sapphire blue to plum to fuchsia to scarlet to rust”. This one gave me “jewel tone” vibes. The colors all reminded me of gemstones and despite not being a “wear this color during this season” kind of person this screamed Autumn to me.

My last photo is all 4 colors (1 coat of each) over black. I found the opacity level between 1 coat over black and 2-3 coats alone are pretty comparable so if you have a good 1 coat black these can be used as toppers over black.

All in all I really enjoyed this collection. Prior to swatching these I felt kinda ‘meh’ about multichromes in general. Now I vow to never say no to a polish just because it’s listed as a multichrome. I’m officially a fan. As I pointed out to my fiancé there is a very good reason why I purchase polishes from this brand that I’m not 100% sold on color/finish wise. I just love everything she releases! Sisu stood out the most to me since that was the one I was least excited about as the colors listed in the color shift don’t usually do it for me. Sisu and Querencia are my top picks from this release. These are all currently available on her website as singles or the full collection.

Heather’s Hues – Website + Instagram + Facebook Fan Group

For the record I’d like to add that this is yet another type of nail polish that I have fallen in love with due to Heather’s Hues polishes. For those keeping track the others on this list are

  1. Purposely sheer finishes (used to hate VNL)
  2. Thermals/solar (didn’t like that they died. My oldest HH thermal is 3 and still transitions!)
  3. Greens that aren’t neon
  4. Multichrome

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