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Twisting Nether Lacquer Haul + Dreamcasting Swatch

Twisting Nether Lacquer Haul

Today I have a small haul plus a swatch from a new to me brand called Twisting Nether Lacquer. I found them through Polish Pickup and fell madly in love with their glitter crellies! I purchased 5 polishes during a sale (it’s still going on btw) on their main website. Each polish I purchased were between $5-9 USD each. Yeah, my jaw dropped at those prices too! I’m not sure how long the sale will be going on for but I’m guessing not much longer? As with my last swatch please bear with me while I figure out how to shape acrylic nails. This ish is hard! Now on to the photos!

L-R Dreamscaping, Candy Hearts, Star Designer, Monster Mash & Be Mine

All of the polishes I ordered came with little baggies of glitter that matched with the polishes. I didn’t know I wanted little bags of glitter to go with my crellies until the moment I opened this package! Chunky glitter crellies are my current polish obsession so this brand has made me very happy. I swatched all of the polishes on swatch sticks and found the formulas to all be really great. They were all 2-3 coats and I didn’t experience any application issues. I found glitter payoff to be great both with and without keeping the bottles upside down. Just to note I did give them all a shake in my Pro Shaker before swatching as I do with all of my glitter polishes.

Dreamcasting is described as “light purple crelly with matte teal and purple glitters with matching stars, silver holo glitters and silver holo crescent moons and blue-purple iridescent glitters”. I did 3 coats plus top coat for these photos. This formula was wonderful to work with. Not too thick or too thin. Tons of glitter in the bottle. The glitters weren’t difficult to apply and I didn’t have to do any glitter placement with my brush. However on the 3rd coat I did add a few of stars and moons using the bonus glitters. Didn’t really have to but I love glitter.

I also have a bonus picture of the PPU polish that got me interested in this brand. This is Starfish Beach from April 2020’s PPU on my natural nails. Excuse the dry as heck hands! We were in the process of packing the day I took the photo.

Twisting Nether Lacquer: Website + Instagram + Facebook Group

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