Heather's Hues

Heather’s Hues Prototypes.. I’m obsessed!

Anyone who has ever visited my Instagram page or talked to me about nail polish knows that Heather’s Hues is my all time favorite indie brand. Period. I love her thermal and solar polishes. I really love her crellies. I love her lotions, wax melts and nail oil. At the time of writing this I have 113 polishes from Heather’s Hues. With Polish Pickup and Hella Handmade Creations coming up that number will be going up. So yeah I’m a little obsessed with this brand.

On the Heather’s Hues website (HeathersHues.com) she has a mystery polish listing. Let’s just say that this is the only brand I’ll buy mystery polishes from without having an internal freakout about getting something that I wouldn’t like/want. I’ve ordered mystery polishes a bunch of times from Heather and at this point I’m pretty sure she knows that I love getting prototypes as my mystery polishes so my most recent mystery order included these mini prototypes.

Since these aren’t official releases descriptions will be based off of what I could see during application. If I know of similar official releases I’ll include the name of a similar release. All photos include top coat. All of these photos are on my natural nails with an acrylic overlay. These polishes all applied really easily despite being in mini bottles. The brush was normal sized and the cap slightly longer than expected so that using them didn’t have that awkward mini bottle feel.

Prototype 0320-17

This is a sage green with (I’m guessing here) chrome chameleon flakes. I did 3 coats for these photos but I could have stopped at 2. The flakes distributed easily and evenly. Up until I tried this polish, I didn’t think I liked sage green. Well I loved this one so now I’m hooked! Thanks to help from the Heather’s Hues Facebook fan group I believe this is most similar to Grounded from the Fantasmic Flakies group custom from October 2018!

Prototype 0320-28

I’d call this a dusty lavender crelly. It has (again guessing) medium sized mauve glitters, chrome flakes and a pink shimmer. Opaque in 2 coats and easy formula. When I first opened my package I thought this was going to be similar to We Are The Walking Dead (Talk Indie To Me collab September 2019) but they’re not even similar. This is cooler in color than that release as well as having a stronger shimmer.I was able to get indoor and outdoor photos of this. I feel like the indoor photo is more color accurate.

Prototype 0220-55

I would describe this as a candy apply red jelly. It has beautiful delicate shimmer that causes it to have a vibrant inner glow and a scattering of medium sized flakes. It’s fairly sheer so even after 3 coats there is VNL. It was most apparent the extension nail on my index finger. On my actual natural nails I had to look for the VNL. I could have stopped at 2 coats but I did 3 to see if there was any color difference with that extra coat. I didn’t notice a huge difference in color with that extra coat. Again, thanks to help from the Facebook fan group, I believe this is potentially a prototype for Septem-berries from the Q & Hue collab with Quixotic Polish from September 2018.

I have quite a few more prototypes that I’d like to get swatched so there will be more posts like this in the future! I’m also going to link the Heather’s Hues Facebook Group since I mentioned it so many times. If you’re not already a member, I highly recommend joining.

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